Admin :

This module maintains the list of all the applicant details and type of visa applied. Interact with applicant via email, manage all the details of applicant such as view, add, delete etc and view all the required documents.

HR :

This module contains list of visa applications and proofs given by the applicant. Accept/Reject the applications etc.

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Employee :

This module maintains each applicant's profile, type of visa, fare amount, apply for visa, update the details applied etc.

Color Word :

The aim of this project is to determine the color of the shown word in a given time which is little bit tricky. The outcome of this project is made to check the IQ levels of the person who is playing it which improves his/her mental stability, concentration, fast thinking capability, dedication towards a respective thing and this project provides random number of colors where a player to enter the color of the displayed word and press Enter.

This project involves a single user who can log into 1 system at a time. The game starts by showing a countdown timer of 40 seconds and the user needs to press Enter. It shows some words randomly and we have to enter the color of the word displayed on the window. For every right color input, 5 points will be awarded to the player and the score keeps increasing for each right answer given within the time displayed.

Home Screen :

Once the Python project is executed, the starting screen of the game is displayed. The player can choose to either start playing the game or quit.

Start Game :

Once the player clicks on the Start Button, the player can read the rules of the game and start playing the game.

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Play Game :

Here, the player needs to enter the colour of the text displayed and not the word itself. If the text entered matches the colour of the text, then 5 points will be awarded to the player.

DMIS(Data Management Information System) :

It is a tool which is used to manage the data. Data includes not only assignments sent by the concerned master to the members but also the assignment solution files submitted by the members to the master.

This project contains 3 main modules. They are

  • Master
  • Member
  • Owner